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Attractions and Restaurants

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Water Sports

Water Sports

Curacao Windsurfing

Windsurfing on Curaçao is windsurfing as it was meant to be -- riding a great surf on a clear blue sea! Never windsurfed before and think it’s difficult? Give it a try at one of the following organizations, and see for yourself.

SOV Asiento

Phone: +(5999) 737-5560

Windsurfing Curaçao

Phone: +(5999) 738-4555
Phone: +(5999) 524-4974

Curaçao Yachtclub

Phone: +(5999) 767-4627

Kite surfing

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is the fastest-growing and most exciting water sport in the world. It's a mix of windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing and parasailing. It's also an extreme sport, so it is important to get lessons before practicing by yourself.

Funsport Curacao provides lessons, from beginner to independent, in a fun and safe way. Their instructor is certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization with standards recognized worldwide.

Funsport Curacao

Phone: +(5999) 511-1094

Kitesurf Curacao

Phone: +(5999) 566-5748

Kiting Curacao 

Phone: + (5999) 516 0952

Wake/Knee boarding & Waterskiing

Phone: +(5999) 522-2887

Curacao Kayaking

Curaçao has several professional organizations offering great kayaking tours. Each one provides a wide choice in variety -- from the Spanish Water with its many inlets and sea grass snorkel spots to a full day or sunrise or sunset trip along Curaçao's coastline. Have fun!

Adrenaline Tours

Phone: +(5999) 767 6241
Phone: +(5999) 513 2484
Phone: +(5999) 767 7071
Boat, jet ski and kayak rental & tours & SUP Stand Up Pedding


Cat Sailing Curaçao

Phone: +(5999) 527-5531
Phone: +(5999) 747-5830
Kayak, peddle boat rental

Curaçao Electric Boats

Phone: +(5999) 522-7742
Phone: +(5999) 5282121
Boating and fishing trips

Limestone Holiday apartments

Phone: +(5999) 767-3007
Kayak rental

Miss Ann Boat trips

Phone: +(5999) 767-1579
Mobile: +(5999) 560-1367
Kayak trips

No Name Watersports

Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Bumper tubing, Snorkeling or Motorboating at the Spanish Water.
Beginners are more than welcome. 
Open daily from 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Phone: +(5999) 5144307

Pro-Sail Curaçao

Phone: +(5999) 565-6070
Phone: +(5999) 767-2233
Boat, kayak rental & tours, instructions

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. The sport originates in the Hawaiian islands, where in the 1960s, locals would paddle out to sea on their long boards and take pictures of tourists who were learning how to surf.

Paddle Surfing has now made its way to Curaçao, as SUP Curacao offers guided paddle tours and even paddle surfing based fitness classes. Relax by gently paddling downwind from beach to beach. Use paddle surfing as fitness training, as you target core muscles and get a full body work out on the water. Catch waves, enjoy the surf or add some spice to your yoga routine by doing it on the water! Everything is possible in our warm and beautiful waters.

SUP Curaçao

Phone: +(5999) 738-0883
Phone: +(5999) 524-4947
Guided tours, rentals, fitness

Zapata Flyboard

Always wanted to fly above the water and dive like a dolphin? Flyboard Curacao offers you this unique experience. We offer you an hour of Flyboarding, consisting of 10 – 15 minutes instruction and 30-40 minutes of flying on the water. Within this 30-40 minutes are flying and diving guaranteed.

Book now and experience for yourself!
Phone: +(5999) 512-3359