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This is the Caribbean as it once was and still is

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charles croes

charles croes

Sunday April 15 2012 06:47:22 pm

To anyone considering a trip to Curacao, it might be good to consider the following. By the way, I do not work for the Curacao tourism board.

Aruba has a charm that has been identified over the years and is branded with a loyal returning vacationing group while Bonaire is one of those islands where half of the vacationing population is seldom seen because they have traveled there to see the underwater splendor and not be seen on a beach. These two islands are dramatically different. On the other hand, Curacao, is an island that seems to appeal to the "ALL OF YOUR VACATION NEEDS" It seems as if the larges of this threesome of islands is the least understood and known about. I have found that Curacao satisfies a multitude of needs. If diving is your bag then there are many more diving spots than the neighboring islands. The beauty of diving Curacao is the clarity of the water and the unspoiled coral formations that abundantly lie on the coastal areas. Most vacationers budget in at least one day of shopping. Well, better make that two. There are more name brand stores than the wallet can handle. If you are suffering from credit card plastic overload, there are rows and rows of tiny streets lined with equally tiny shops. These tend to be good for the "Take-back-home" purchases. Plenty of easily fold-able items such as T-shirts or the like. What I like in particular were the drives into the West Punt area. One minute you feel like you are on an arid island and the next you are in a lush area where the road actually goes through a tunnel of trees. The actual West Punt area reminded me of the Spanish coast lines while the coastal coral cliffs and restaurants looked like the island of Hydra in Greece. Drive a bit further and the island ends - or does it? At the tip of the island is a coral plateau with a circular hole in it about three meters wide. When I found it, I also found an older man who was a local there and I asked him what the hole was. He told me that it is where the island breathes. At about that moment, sure enough it seemed as if the hole was inhaling a monstrous breath of air and then spewed it back out seasoned by the rich saltiness of pure ocean mist. It is a combination of nice to see, impressive and a bit soul searching. At least to me.
On the way back we stopped by a small township called St. Willibrordus. As we rounded a corner we noticed a sign that said WILLIWOOD. On that same corner was a small shop called TOKO or something like that. We went in, I was thirsty anyway, "Walking through their rough and very large doors the world changed. Happiness surrounds everything about that place. The TOKO is run by two great ladies named Marfa and Louisa. Smiles dominate and laughter is on the menu all the time. Domino players slam ivory colored stones on tables and utter their slogan for the day while to the sides Locals, Dutch, American and varied other mixtures of people sit and converse in a multitude of topics and in the final analysis, form what seems to be a STATE OF HAPPINESS. Loved it.

Only place I didn't like was the airport, Not because of it's functionality but instead because it represented departure from something special. Make sure to put this piece of paradise. on your list and as I further explore this lovely island, I will keep you posted..

I need to excuse myself, Curacao and many other Caribbean islands await me.

Be well

I am not Aruban nor from Curacao, I am a Caribbean man

Lori Haapala

Lori  Haapala

Sunday August 19 2012 04:57:12 pm

My husband and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage in 2013 and are interested in some information on where we could stay in a condo/villa that is near a beach and walking distance to restaurants and other entertainment. We are snorkelers as well and enjoy being near the water during the day. Like to walk the beach and generally relax. Anything you can provide would be wonderful for information.


Lori L. Haapala

Mahender Reddy

Mahender Reddy

Saturday June 08 2013 02:35:10 am

That is awesome trip summary!You made me wanted to go Curacao. I would visit it one day for sure. Hopefully with my fiancee...

Auto huren |

Barbulete 65

Sunday September 29 2013 11:55:52 am

Lori congrats with the upcoming celebration! Not sure when you planned to come, but if you want a romantic retreat, i'd recommend Santa Barbara Resort, Kura Hulanda Lodge Westpunt, Blue Bay Resort, Royal Sea Aquarium Resort, Avila Hotel, Marriot, Hilton. All are on the beach. But if you really want to cut it, stay at Boase.
Otherwise you should look for information on tripadvisor, virtualtourist, or any other reviewing site. I wish you a happy vacation!