Monthly Statistics

On this page you will find the latest statistics for visitor arrivals, YTD overviews, as well as quarterly reports.

To see previous year statistics, please visit the Historic Overview section.


Visitor Arrivals


Visitor YTD Overview

  • Visitor Statistics Overview Jan - Jun 2014 Download

Quarterly Reports


Active Report

The ‘Tourism Insight’ active report is divided into three sections: overview, regional analysis and other dimensions. The ‘overview section’ provides visitor arrivals information for the top 10 markets. This section gives you the possibility to look back on the stay over arrivals, stay over nights and cruise arrivals from the year 2000 up till the year 2016. The ‘regional analysis section’ presents the regional performance with maps for all countries. While the ‘other dimensions section’ focuses on the key dimensions for the top 10 markets by accommodation type, length of stay and age group.

The report is best compatible from a desktop with Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10 and 11.

Apple users should download the "IBM Cognos Mobile application" on their tablet and/or smart phone to be able to view the report. By doing this the tourism statistics data is always accessible on the go.

Click here to access the 'Tourism Insight' active report October 2016.