New Legislation on Room Tax

On December 16th, 2009 the Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation was appointed by the Island Government of Curaçao as the official levying entity of the new legislation on Room Tax (AB 2009/33).
This ordinance went into effect as of January 1st, 2010.
Below you will find information in regards to the new legislation on room tax.

Newsflash: Sales Tax instead of Room Tax as of January 1, 2016

Boete Beleid (pdf 106.54 kB)
Toelichting Boete Beleid (pdf 71.17 kB)
Rekening Nummers Eilandsontvanger (pdf 4.74 kB)
Curaçao (pdf 10.04 kB)
Handleiding logeergastenbelasting Curaçao 2009 (pdf 30.63 kB)
Juridisch Voorbehoud of Disclaimer Logeer Gasten Belasting (pdf 10.70 kB)
Datum in Werking treding Room Tax (AB 2009 no 131) (pdf 268.95 kB)
Aanstelling CTB als heffende instantie (AB 2009 no 133) (pdf 249.91 kB)
Eilandsverordening Room Tax (pdf 2.97 MB)
Flyer Logeer Gasten Belasting (Papiamentu) (pdf 1.85 MB)
Flyer Logeer Gasten Belasting (English) (pdf 1.75 MB)
Flyer Logeer Gasten Belasting (Nederlands) (pdf 1.56 MB)
Registration form Tourism Accommodation Sector (pdf 33.27 kB)
Aangifte biljet Logeer Gasten Belasting (pdf 27.18 kB)