More Than a Visit, an Event

Many people come to Curaçao to celebrate a special occasion. And some are so inspired by their experience here they decide to throw a party. Either way, we have you covered with the services you’ll need.

Event Planning & Catering

Plan a wedding. Celebrate an anniversary or religious occasion. Organize a corporate event. Throw a theme party. On Curaçao, we can help you plan whatever your imagination dreams up.

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With the advent of smart phones and apps like Instagram, taking vacation pictures has never been easier or more enjoyable. But there are times when you want to leave the picture taking to the pros. Curaçao has a number of professional photographers that can not only handle your event, but also help you capture amazing personal memories at the island’s most scenic locations.

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Home Care and Babysitting
Take the stress out of your holiday with the assistance of professional aides and babysitters that are trained and certified to handle your home and child care needs. This is Dushi Korsou (Sweet Curaçao) at its finest.

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