Scooby Tours Curacao Buggy Adventures

Our North-East Coast excursion starts at our shop with a 5-minute pre-tour instruction for safety and operational details of our vehicles. Guests will be driving their own automatic buggy caravan-style on road following the tour guide from the South-East Coast to the North-East Coast of the Island. After 15 minutes, the tour starts off road through a desert style outdoor with a cactus scenery until we reach the North Shore. You will experience crushing waves from the Caribbean Sea on the shore until we arrive at the Indian Caves. At the caves, guests will be hiking (moderate) with the tour guide to go inside them. At the top of the hill you will discover a breath-taking view of the whole North Shore. The tour will continue off road near St. Joris Bay to visit the Ostrich Farm. This is a 15 minutes break to see the largest bird on earth and also for a restroom stop. You will have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs and a refreshment. The tour will continue back to our buggy shop.

Price: USD$150 (2 seater) | USD$250 (4 seater)

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Ask for our pick-up service to & from your hotel!

Drivers: 18 YRS with a valid driver’s license. Passengers from 4 years and older. All our Buggies are automatic.

Organized by Scoobys Tours

Bapor Kibra Willemstad, Curacao
Zanzibar Janthiel Beach Parking Lot
[email protected] T: +(5999) 4610010+(5999) 4610010 T: +(5999) 5238618+(5999) 5238618 T: +(5999) 6704774+(5999) 6704774
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