Chichi Curaçao Serena's Art Factory

Located on east side of Curaçao and in the vibrant city centre of Punda. Serena made sure that visiting these places is a unique experience for young and old.

You can treat yourself to a great variety of colorful, handmade Chichis® and souvenirs or paint your own souvenir during a lively and pleasurable workshop.

‘Nothing beats a Chichi® painting workshop under the sun in a breezy colorful environment.’ – Satisfied customer.

Visit Serena’s Art Factory free of charge and experience how the famous and colorful Chichi® sculptures are made by Serena and her artistic team. These sculptures are hand painted by over 60 local women who were born talented and creative. With help and guidance from Serena and her artists, these women manage to produce the most spectacular sculptures.

*Quality and authenticity are guaranteed by the Chichi ® trademark.

Jan Luis 87a (On the road to the Ostrich Farm on the east side of Curacao)
Santa Catharina
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