Kenepa (Knip)

These two beautiful coves are among the island's most popular beaches. Intimate Playa Kenepa (Kleine Knip) is partly shaded by manchineel trees. The snack bar (which has a tiny restroom) is open on weekends and often plays loud music. Locals like to camp here during school holidays. Larger Playa abou (Grote Knip) has several shade pergolas set back from the water and a large snack bar. Behind the beach is a small salt marsh. The vista over the beach from the parking area is an excellent photo op; a stairway and ramp lead down to the beach. Halfway between the two beaches is a cliffside lookout point, a good photo op, with a path that leads through the underbrush to Kenepa Beach. Nearby Landhuis Kenepa is worth a visit. Limited amenities available. No entrance fee required.