Playa Kenepa

A beach definitely worth visiting, beautiful views, warm breezes and calm blue waters make it a perfect place to relax!

Playa Kenepa consists of two beaches, Kenepa Grandi (bigger beach) and Kenepa Chiki (the smaller more intimate beach). Also known as Grote Knip and Klein Knip. It is pretty isolated and there is only one road which leads to both beaches. Both tourist and locals enjoy these beaches, with mostly tourist visiting during the weekdays and locals in the weekends. Both have their own characteristics but beautiful in their own way. Klein Knip is best known for it’s snorkeling hotspots along the coast line and Grote Knip is known for the white sandy beaches with beautiful crystal clear blue waters and gorgeous vista overlooking the beach, perfect for a picture. Halfway between the two beaches is a cliffside lookout point, also good photo op. For more information about amenities and water sports & rentals, please visit the Playa Kenepa website.

Playa Kenepa
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