Santu Pretu, Mushroom Forest and The Cave

Known locally as “Santu Pretu” or Black Sand Beach, because of the dark gray, ancient volcanic sand marking the start of an amazing dive site. The shipwreck of the “Catharine” lies upside down in about 20 feet of water, surrounded by colonies of garden eels and nicely encrusted brain corals.Following a line from her bow, a 3 minute swim across a sandy flat takes you to the shoulder of the reef, where you pick up the gentle southerly current that glides you across beautiful scenery, littered with life, ending at the beginning of Mushroom Forest.

Mushroom Forest

One of the most famous dive sites in Curacao. Over time hard coral formations have grown in such a way that they resemble mushrooms, hence the name. Underneath each one of these coral formations an abundance of marine life awaits to be looked at, admired, and photographed.Don't miss it, you will love it!

The Blue Room (The Cave)

This is the perfect place for off-gassing between dives or a snorkel trip. Located next to Mushroom Forest, the Blue Room is easily explored by snorkeling through a narrow opening revealing a large air filled chamber lit up by the sun reflecting off the white sandy plateau in front of the opening… creating a brilliant glow of ambient light in vivid blue.Inside the “room” you’ll discover schooling glassy eyed sweepers, lobster and hoards of silversides – and you even get buzzed by fruit bats!

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