Landhuis Ascension

The ascension plantation was founded in 1672. The plantation is located on the grounds of a former Indian village. The high location of the unique colonial home does not only serve as an optional utilization of the northeast trade-wind, but also has strategic interests. The neighboring colonial homes were within eyesight, which was important in times of revolt or other dangers so people could warn each other in time. For this purpose also, an iron eye was made in the top gable in which a torch could be burnt. Uniquely on Curaçao, water was plentiful in these surroundings, so for a long time maize, cotton and beans could be grown successfully. However, in the 19th century the plantation was mainly about cattle breeding. The plantation deteriorated and in 1836 there were only 13 slaves, 40 cows and 400 sheep left.

Landhuis Ascension

At the beginning of the 20th century writer/politician Cola Debrot lived in the country house and described this period in his novel ‘My sister the negress”.

Every first Sunday of the month Ascension is open to public. Local artist show their works and local musicians and dancers brighten the day. Every Thursday morning there’s a tour.


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