Landhuis Chobolobo

Shortly after the Spaniards discovered Curaçao in 1499, they started planning the agricultural development of Curaçao. One of the plants they carried with care on their long sea voyages from Spain was the so-called "Valencia Orange". The different climate and soil conditions however changed this juicy fruit into a kind of bitter, almost inedible produce. In short, the project was forgotten and the "misfits" of the once proud "Valencia Orange" grew wild and abandoned, not even touched by our infamous goats. It was not until decades later, that someone discovered that the peels of this orange contained an ethereal oil with an extraordinary pleasing fragrance. Since 1946 Chobolobo houses the distillery Senior Co, which has produced the famous Blue Curacao. During the guided tour of the distillery you can also get a good impression of both the interior and exterior of the land house.


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Elias R. A. Moreno Boulevard
Saliña Ariba
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