Ellen Spijkstra

'The ceramic sculptures and photographs of Ellen Spijkstra are like parts of a whole. Fruit of a long research process on Antillean soil, of exhibition and synthesis, communicating vessels emerge between one and the other. Paraphrasing Man Ray -I photograph what I do not wish to paint and paint what I cannot photograph- I could summarize that Ellen Spijkstra takes photographs of what she does not wish to sculpt in ceramics and creates in ceramics what she cannot photograph. In the end, these two creative moments are evidence of her poetic reasons and reveal her as an explorer of constant redeveloping secrets.'

José Manuel Noceda Férnandez

Girouette 8
Netherlands Antilles
[email protected] T: +(5999) 737 5784+(5999) 737 5784 T: +(5999) 461 3019+(5999) 461 3019
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