Curaçao currency is the Antillean guilder (also called the florin), which is abbreviated as Nafl. Our Ang. U.S. dollars circulate freely, so it is possible to get by using only American dollars or credit cards. Please note that vendors can rarely supply Curaçao money in U.S. currency.

Exchange rates may vary slightly at stores and hotels. You can find daily exchange rate information at one of our local banks.

Euros are accepted at some hotels and restaurants, but unlike U.S. dollars, they do not circulate freely. Exchange rates for other currencies are posted at banks and listed in the daily papers. Visit www.centralbank.cw for the current exchange rates.

Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere on the island.

ATM machines can be found all over the island at major population centers and at the airport. To recognize an ATM machine, look for the signs “Bankomatiko” or “Geldautomaat.” Most ATMs offer the option to withdraw in local currency or US dollars.

Giving a tip is something we do to show our appreciation and gratuity for rendered services. We truly hope you will tip well, for this will mean you love your stay on our island! It is suggested to tip the porters at the airport Nafl.1 per bag. Taxi drivers are usually tipped with 10% of the fare. Restaurants usually add 10% and most hotels a 12% service charge to the bill. Hotels charge an additional 7% government tax. Please note that these are not tips. Of course, tipping is left to your own discretion at all times.

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