We’re Way Ahead of You

You have a lot of exploring to do. So we make sure nothing gets in your way. Curaçao offers state-of-the-art services, matching world standards. These services include the local water and electricity companies, and also communication and medical facilities.



Not only is Curaçao water safe to drink, it is of the finest quality.

Around 1890, American wind turbines were imported to Curaçao for irrigation of the land. In 1928, a seawater distillery for production of drinking water was put into production. This Curaçao distillery, now known as Aqualectra, produces water of excellent quality. It is soft, contains no chloride and little calcium, is tasteless and odorless, and has a good bacteriological composition.

For more information visit www.aqualectra.com.

Curaçao electricity is 127/120 VAC at 50 cycles. This means that most appliances made in the USA (60 cycles) will work well, except for electrical devices with internal time mechanisms. For electrical appliances from the USA, you do not need an adapter plug. We use the same two-pronged flat plugs as in the States.

Visitors from Europe will need an adapter plug for their round-pronged plugs. These can be found anywhere on the island, and most hotels keep them in stock and in the rooms as well. Only dual-voltage appliances from Europe can be used on the island.

Curaçao's international code is 5999; there are no internal area codes. All local telephone numbers are seven digits, except for some special numbers, which are three or four digits.

International roaming is available in Curaçao, so you will be able to make and receive calls outside the coverage area. Local companies are UTS (United Telecommunication Services) and CT (Curaçao Telecom).

Whether you’re in Curaçao for business or for pleasure, you’ll appreciate the value of mobile communication from a cellular phone. If roaming is not available with your local network, you can either opt for a rental cellular phone, or buy a pre-paid chip and number for your own phone.


Medical Services

St. Elisabeth Hospital is the largest hospital in Curaçao with an extensive emergency room and the only intensive care unit on the island.

Curaçao Hospitals:

St. Elisabeth Hospital
Phone:+(5999) 462-4900
Emergency phone: 910
E-mail: [email protected]

In addition, Curaçao also has two private clinics

The Taams Clinic
Phone: +(5999) 736-5466

The Antillean Adventist Hospital
Phone: +(5999) 737-1992

Kidney Dialysis:

Diatel Dialysis Center
Jan Noorduynweg 81
Phone: +(5999) 869-5055
Fax: +(5999) 869-5494

Curaçao Dialysis Center

Roodeweg 109, Otrobanda

Phone: +(5999) 462-4377
Fax: +(5999) 462-8174
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.curacao-dialysis.com

Other Convenient Health Services:
For minor complaints, over-the-counter medicines are found at a local pharmacy ("botika"). Most are open all day until 7pm and some stay open 24 hours on a rotating schedule. If necessary, make inquiries at your hotel. They should also be able to recommend English-speaking doctors and dentists to you.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

AA meetings are generally held on Monday.
Phone: +(5999) 518 7272


Safety and Emergency

Curaçao is altogether safer than many places in the world today. However, use common sense and take all standard safety precautions. Lock your car and your hotel door when you leave, and don’t leave valuables unattended in your room. Most hotels have safety vaults where you can store your valuables.
Cruise visitors should watch out for pickpockets in crowds and should not leave bags unattended or agree to carry packages for anyone. It is recommended not to walk in the small alleys in the town area, and visitors should not walk alone late at night in deserted areas.

Additionally, take sensible precautions such as not taking valuables to the beach or wander alone off the main roads at night.

Police & Fire Dept: 911
Ambulance: 912
Coast Guard: 913
Long distance operator: 021
Local phone numbers: 9221
International phone numbers: 022

POLITUR (Tourism Police)
Curaçao Beach Boulevard (BLVD)
Sea Aquarium Beach, Curaçao
+(5999) 735 0044

World Trade Center
Piscadera Bay z/n
+(5999) 463 6542

Emergency number: 917



Grocery Stores
The shelves of Curaçao's supermarkets and specialty food shops are well stocked with a variety of goods from around the world, and also some local products. Because of its prosperity and role as a major Caribbean transshipment centre, Curaçao imports virtually all the food that is consumed locally. Supermarkets carry European, American, and South American products. A full list of the island's gorcery stores can be found here.

Post Office
There are several post offices on the island. The main ones are situated in Punda, Otrobanda, and Groot Kwartier (Ring Road), and the small branches are at WTC (World Trade Centre) and the airport. Stamps can also be purchased at bookstores and the front desk of many hotels. Some hotels also offer letter drop facilities. The postal services are generally reliable, but the time it takes a letter to reach its destination can vary.

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