So Many Ways to Follow Your Curiosity

You can follow a map, or you can tuck it away and let instinct lead you on your adventure. Either way, you can easily explore our wonderful island by foot, car, taxi, bicycle, boat or book a guided tour.

Driving Laws
Driving takes place on the right-hand side of the road. At intersections and traffic circles, yield to traffic coming from your right unless signs indicate otherwise. At all T-crossings, through-going traffic has priority. The speed limit is 45 km/hour in town and residential areas, and 60¬-80 km/hour outside the city and on the four-lane Ring Road. Most gas stations are full service; a few are open 24 hrs.

To drive in Curaçao, a valid driver's license is necessary. An international driver's license is not required.

Ask your car rental agency what you should do in case of an accident. Usual procedure is to call the car rental agency, and once they arrive at the scene, call Curaçao Road Services — you may have to file a police report. The Curaçao Road Services is available 24-hours a day, including holidays. In case of car trouble, call Roadside Assistance 24/7 Curaçao — they are at your service 24-hours a day as well.

Curaçao Road Services
Tel. +(5999) 747-1333 or 199.

Roadside Assistance 24-7 Curaçao
Tel. +(5999) 9-24-7

Public Transportation
You can go sightseeing by bus, but the public transportation is fairly limited. Curaçao offers two kinds of public transportation: the large busses, which are called ‘Konvooi’, go for a longer distance, and on most urban routes you will find collective cars (max. 9 p.) or vans called ‘bus’ (they have BUS on their registration plates).

The major bus terminals are located outside the postal office at the ‘Waaigat’ in Punda, and next to the underpass in Otrobanda. The large busses cover 12 routes departing from the terminal located in Punda, and 9 routes departing from the terminal in Otrobanda. These routes cover most parts of the island, and can bring you to many attractions such as beaches, shopping areas, and parks.

Most city busses go once every hour and every two hours a bus goes westward, less frequent on Sundays. At the bus station at Otrobanda a schedule (Buki di Bus) is available.

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