El Gaucho

The Gauchos are Argentina's cowboys, who for centuries roamed the country’s vast plains, the pampas, herding cattle and working the ranches.

El Gaucho

The simplicity of the Gaucho life style produced a unique culinary experience.

Michel Nataf brought the taste, ambience, and feeling of Argentina to Curacao.

El Gaucho Restaurant serves a variety of tempting beef, chicken, lamb, fish and an extensive all you can eat salad bar, featuring quality Argentine steaks, tender and juicy, charcoal-grilled to perfection. To ensure the quality of the beef served in the restaurant.

El gaucho is a place where you can have a beautiful meal of great Argentinean Steak, juicy poultry, or fresh fish caught in our clear Caribbean waters, you also have a wide variety of the very best wines from all over Latin America.

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