People and culture

Curaçao is a melting pot with more than 50 nationalities. Afro-Caribbeans make up the majority of the population of 150.000 inhabitants. One result of the historic slave trade is a rich cultural heritage, embraced today by islanders and visitors alike. To the present day, Afo-Caribbean traditions continue to shape Curaçao. These Afro-Caribbean influences can, for example, be found in the Papiamentu-language, Tambu (curacao blues), the food, religion and spirituality.

Enjoy the stories about people and culture, habits and traditions and learn to understand the island life through it's beautiful people.

Musical Heritage

A wide array of ethnic groups has made long-lasting contributions throughout Curaçao's musical history. But the most influential music and dance came from Africa.


Friendly and Laidback

It is important to us that everyone knows they are welcome in Curaçao, and this includes the LGBT community. Our island offers diverse culture, art galleries, beaches, museums, fine accommodations, and exquisite cuisine that are enjoyed by all visitors.


A Vibrant Art Scene

Life on Curaçao is an artistic performance and the dozens of international painters, sculptors, photographers and designers who contribute to our creative melting pot beautifully interpret it for everyone to enjoy.


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