Toko Williwood

Marfa Wawoe has grown Toko St. Willibrordus from the minimarket it used to be in 2008 to become the main attraction of the entire St. Willibrordus area.

Toko Williwood

Project WILLIWOOD was born in 2011. WILLIWOOD was born at a tribute to the late Adriaan Hollander, a teacher from the Willibrordus district who died in 2009.

During the commemoration, a painting was made of him that drew attention from the media. Those in attendance were impressed by the display of talent, and at the end of the event, it was said that the area was a true WILLIWOOD, a place of hidden talent and potential. Reinforcing this, a youngster plastered the word WILLIWOOD in graffiti letters on an official neighborhood name sign. A concept had been born. Young people from the area came up with different ideas but with one goal: to turn WILLIWOOD into a tourist attraction, thus creating more perspectives for the neighborhood residents. Marfa Wawoe had the name WILLIWOOD put down in the middle of nature in giant, imaginative letters. The first steps had been taken.

In the meantime at Toko WILLIWOOD, the Williburger was created.

The goat-meat burger has now very successfully passed its pilot period and appears standard on Toko St. Willibrordus’s menu. The marketing for this burger was kicked off with a stunt right on the luggage conveyor belt at the Curaçao Airport and will be rolled out over the entire island with the aim of putting this local, healthy & tasty indulgence on the world map.

Part of the proceeds of this special burger will go to the Williwood Youth Movement (W.Y.M.), an organization that is building a platform for the personal development of local youth by setting up a farm/school where young ones can learn how to manage and run their own business. They are also taught all about agriculture, handicrafts, accounting, marketing and other useful skills they will need to build a better future for themselves.

“We are very proud to have introduced a truly local product that benefits the entire economy of Curaçao. The WILLIBURGER is not only available at Toko WILLIWOOD, but is also carried, according to its proprietary recipe, by several restaurants on the island. It is a natural product containing only fresh products, and therefore sustainable and good for the environment,” according to the initiator of the WILLIBURGER and owner of Toko WILLIWOOD, Marfa Wawoe.

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