Visitors should generally not have a problem bringing items for personal use and gifts onto Curaçao. Prescription drugs, particularly if they contain narcotics, should be clearly marked. Unlike in the Netherlands, possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana or other illegal drugs is a serious offense.

If you are traveling with expensive jewelry, you may want to bring a present proof of prior possession such as a receipt of purchase, bill of sale, insurance policy, or jeweler’s appraisal. You may take foreign-made items bearing serial numbers (e.g. cameras, watches, tape recorders, gift and folders for a convention) to Custom Offices for registration before leaving the U.S.A.

Besides articles for personal use, non-residents over 18 years are allowed one liter of liquor, 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, and 125 grams of tobacco. If you exceed the stated quantity you will have to declare. Additionally, if you wish to carry over $10,000 with you, you will have to declare it.

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